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                                          The St Clair County Medical Control Authority (SCCMCA) is  
                                          formed under the authority of Act 179 of the Public Acts of 1990,                                             an amendment to Public Act 368 of the Public Act of 1978, as 
                                          amended and with the approval of the Michigan Department of 
                                          Public Health (MDCH).  

In accordance with that said act, the County of St Clair is designated as a region for medical control, and the authority shall serve as the governing body over the practice of life support agencies and personnel within it.  The SCCMCA shall have all rights and privledges granted by the act and shall function accordingly. 

The MEMBERS of the AUTHORITY are comprised of designees of the three area hospitals, those being McLaren Port Huron, Lake Huron Medical Center and St John River District Hospital.

St. Clair County Medical Control Authority

This page was last updated: October 10, 2017